Steering Comittee

Steering Comittee

The Steering Comittee of the DRD cosists of two members of the Insitute of Development Research and Development Policy of Ruhr-University Bochum and two members of the University of the Western Cape and acts as decision making body. It is supported by two academic coordinators, one on the German and one on the South African side.

Kick-off meeting 2008 (left to right.): Prof. John Bardill (UWC), Prof. Wilhelm Löwenstein (IEE), Monika Sprung (RUB), Dr. Gabriele Bäcker (IEE), Prof. Pieter Le Roux (UWC), Allan Roman (UWC) and Prof. Elmar Weiler (Rektor der RUB)

Professor Dr. Löwenstein

Director Institute of Development Research and Development Policy, RUB


Dr. Gabriele Bäcker

Executive director Institute of Development Research and Development Policy, RUB


Professor Julian May

Director Institute for Social Development, UWC


Professor Chris Tapscott

Director of the School of Government, UW


Latest News

Our PhD Student Davison Muchadenyika again published a paper which is titled: Politics and the practice of planning: The case of Zimbabwean cities. It can be accessed here.

Davison Muchadenyika, PhD candidate at CDR published a new paper titled 'Multi-Donor Trust Funds and Fragile States: Assessing the Aid Effectiveness of the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund'.

Research for this paper was largely conducted during Davison worked on his Master thesis for the Bochum Programme of Development Management.